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Google's Bard Can Code and Compute for You

Large language models (LLMs) continue to fascinate us with their capabilities to answer our questions, generate presentations and essays for us and many other assorted tasks. These models are also good at generating code for user specified tasks. However, almost all of them do not run the code for us; they simply give us the code that we can copy and execute.   Recently, Google has given its large language model, Bard , the computational capabilities as well. Bard thus not only provides the code but also executes it while answering user's questions. I wanted to check this feature of Bard. Below is what happened when I asked Bard a question that involved some computation. Not only generating the code for entropy calculation and running it, Bard went on to explain entropy and its answer. Google characterizes computing by Bard in response to user questions as "writing code on the fly" method. The company says, "So far, we've seen this method improve the accuracy of

In Bard's Own Words How is it Different from ChatGPT

Now that Google's Bard is available, I thought it will be fun to ask Bard its difference from ChatGPT. I think the response is pretty on target. What do you think? Please share your thoughts via comments.